Edmund Burke Today, or The Social Importance of the Musical Hamilton

A common refrain these days is that our nation’s founders established a government that was supposed to be exclusionary either, perhaps even an inherently racist, sexist, or otherwise prejudiced system of government. Not only is this inaccurate, it is dangerous manner of thinking. While there do exist valuable critiques of the founders, the narrative provided by the likes of the musical Hamilton holds a much greater social importance.

Athwart's Summer Reading List

Maybe you have an ever-growing stack of books on your desk that has waited for the start of the summer, but if you are in need of suggestions or inspiration we present you with Athwart's summer reading list. We will be reading and reviewing these books all summer, so you are welcome to join in and read along with us. We would love to hear any more recommendations. But, for now, here is what we will be reading: